Friday, May 18, 2012

His First Last

Today is lil D's last day of Montessori preschool... He's just as eager as Day One, which makes me feel good about the decision we made to start him at an early age. He is really grasping phonics and enjoying sounding out all the letters that surround him (in books, on signs, etc.) He has grown and changed soooo much, from first haircuts to big brotherhood... But honestly, I can tell it most in the size of his shoes!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Working Mom

Note to self: Work Mother's Day weekend more often! Opened my car door after a long day on the job to find a sparkling clean minivan! I lovingly refer to my van as my condo because it is jam-packed with personal belongings – enough to live for several days. Now it is empty, immaculate, and even has that new-car smell again (with a tinge of old coffee cup.) I am creeping down my MIL's dirt road, tying not to get it dirty!
As I type, my main man is baking the famous, top secret family cheesecake recipe for me to take to work tomorrow!
Here is the bouquet from my son (3):

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Birthday suits... Cake divers?

I've been whipping up little appliqué T-shirts for my boys and some friends' kids lately and am considering trying to sell them on the side to make a little extra spending money... I have approached my aunt about selling them in the gift shop of our family's restaurant... Awaiting a response, but I am thinking about what to offer and how much charge. I was thinking of sticking to shirts and onesies with numbers on them, specifically to be used for birthdays. They could be part of the birthday wardrobe or just put on for the cake-smashing part! Thoughts?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today's DEAL!!!!

Photo Card
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Got a great deal on 25 Easter cards by combining some promo codes on Shutterfly! I'm so happy to have these cards in my mailbox soon for $3.78 shipped! Since I have to work on Easter, I can at least celebrate the season by sending out a sweet card featuring my sweet boys. The Easter bunny made a guest appearance in our town, and the MIL was awesome to dress the boys up and take them for me. Like a Loretta Lynn song, they are both barefoot! I love the smocked john-john and bruised shin look that Lil D. is working.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Baby's first trip to the library!  After "school" last Monday, we went to the library.  I was put on-call at work due to low patient census, so I ended up with a whole week off to play with my buddy.  Since I don't have any vacation time built up at my new job, I gladly took a little pay cut to have a week to play during my favorite month of the year with my favorite kiddo.

Peggy Parish, the author of the Amelia Bedelia books, was from Clarendon County.  Dana got to "meet" the statue of Amelia Bedelia outside of the library's front entrance.  At first, he was a little shy, and he would only give her knuckles.

 But then he got up enough nerve to really check her out!

As a child, I did not like Dr. Seuss books.  I could do the ABCs until we got to F, and then he lost me on the "fiffer-feffer-feff."  Wha?  Huh?

BUT I LOVED AMELIA BEDELIA!  All of her misunderstanding and sillyness and good-heartedness.  She is a great character, and I can't wait until Dana is old enough to laugh at Peggy Parish's books.  But in the meantime, he looooooves a "Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee."